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Cutting edge: Gul'dan - Vengeance Incarnate (10/10 M)

Hitbag / May 22, 2017
Congratulations on reaching this milestone everybody!



It was a long road, but a big releaf in the end to pull the rankings and all back. Thanks too all sticking through the "rough" and the good times. Starting slow but finishing really strong.
Now lets prep for tomb and continue strong!
Very much agree, such an awesome feeling getting that kill! As a newer member of the guild, big props to everyone for sticking strong and to the amazing raidleading from Maksa and fanto with in-put from Riiza! - Going for tomb with a great set-up now, and will be pulling even better rankings going on ^^
as a newer member of the guild its awesome to see how much this guild is sticking together even with the rough. And it was very great to get the kill finally! i hope we will be pushing for more as we grow as a team.
Well done to Maksa and fanto for raid leading with Roers and Bagzie!. I am look very much forward for the progress for Tomb with you all!.
PogChamp WE PogChamp DID PogChamp IT PogChamp BOYS PogChamp

Seriously though, was an incredible path to take but we worked through it in true Cerberus style (Whatever that means to each of you plebs) Big up Maksa raid lead carry - Really added a new level of expertise and FINNess (hah) to the great stuff Riiza and Hitbag already brought.

Cheers to everyone involved for making NH a bloody great raiding experience.
Congratulations on a job well done boys! 😀

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