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About our guild
Cerberus, the guild

5 years ago in January we created Cerberus. With years of experience in the World of Warcraft and its raiding scene we can offer you a reliable and stable environment to play your game. Our schedule consists of three mandatory days: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We perfectly understand that you work or have school the next day and therefor we raid from 20:30 till 23:30.
What do we ask of you?
You are a reliable person, we can count on you to get the job done! You are honest and dedicate yourself to improving the team and its players. You understand basic etiquette and are able to communicate in English with a working microphone on Teamspeak 3. You want to spend your raiding hours efficiently and prepare accordingly beforehand.

We do not ask you to be best, our core value is to have fun!

How do i apply to Cerberus?
Open your web browser and visit our website In the top right corner you will find the APPLY button, you will be asked to register first. Your application and information will be handled with care.

Who can i talk to incase i have any questions?
You can contact our guildmaster or any of our officers. You can reach us trough battlenet: Roers#2742, Hitbag#2220, Mäksä#21858, Kriss92#2423

Player profile we are looking for:
  • Social, flexible and a team player mentality.
  • Able to supply your own consumables (and bring/use them). We require you to bring the best flask, potions and runes according to your class and role. Pre-potting is obviously mandatory. The guild bank supplies you with repairs up to 850G per raid.
  • Have atleast basic knowledge of an encounter on forehand by reading strategy guides. We raid 3 days a week and prefer not to waste time explaining tactics over and over again. Our forum is open to discussions and suggestions regarding the tactic we use.
  • Have nessecary addons installed that are required in general, and specific bosses: Bossmods (Bigwigs/DBM etc.) and Exorsus Raid Tools for example.
  • Keep your lockout for guild purposes, even if you are benched.
  • Be on time, when our raid starts at 20:30, invites go out 5 minutes earlyer.
  • Attend the full raids duration, if you have parental aggro during raids, or have to take showers at 22:00, you are most likely not what we need.
  • Understand/Write/Speak the english language, have teamspeak3 installed, and being able to speak.
  • For raidinvites we use our ingame calendar. We expect you to check this on regular basis.
  • Our loot system is based on a Best in Slot list, backed up by Lootcouncil and Rolls. To make an example: Item A drops. 5 people are in need of Item A, but only 2 of those 5 have it in their Best in Slot list, then those 2 will get to roll for the item and may RNG take its course. Every member gets to make their own Best in Slot list on our website.